Monday, December 20, 2010


Thank you so much to everyone who supported our Christmas blog tour. We really appreciated the time you took to read our blog pots and leave comments, especially at this busy time of year.

The winners of the ten blog tour contests are:

Amy Corwin's Blog: the grand prize winner is Bianca Swan. Runner-up prizes will go to Liz Flaherty and Mona Risk.

Caroline Clemmons' blog:the TWRP gift voucher goes to Grace Elliot.

Lilly Gayle's blog: Misty Evans wins the Man of Her Dreams candle from Celebrating Homes.

Maya Blake's blog: a pair of silver strand earrings goes to Liz Flaherty and Joanna St James wins a critique of three chapters and a synopsis.

Nana Malone's blog:Rebecca Booth is Nana's winner and takes away the TWRP gift vouchers.

PL Parker's blog: Winner of the popcorn from Crackling Gourmet popcorn is Mona Risk. Runner up Suzanne Jones wins an eBook.

Rachel Brimble's blog: Jana Richards wins the blue pashmina from the city of Bath.

Rae Summers' blog: Winners of the Christmas tree ornaments courtesy of The Rainforest Site are Jennifer Mathis and Rachel Lyndhurst.

Sally Clements' blog: Rebecca Booth wins the Swarovski necklace and earrings created by Sally herself.

Victoria Grey's blog: to be advised.

If any of the winners have not yet been contacted, please feel free to contact me on, or leave a comment below with your email address.

Wishing you all a wonderful holiday season and an awesome 2011!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Final day of the Blog Tour

For a last chance to win won of the ten tour prizes up for grabs, visit each of the participating blogs and leave a comment. We'll be announcing winners here early next week - an early Christmas gift!

This week we're discussing our favourite holiday traditions. To find out about mine, visit Amy Corwin's blog. Over on my blog, you can discover what Rachel Brimble will be doing on Christmas Eve.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

The blog tour authors share their favourite holiday movies

Please drop by the ten participating blogs and share with us your favourite Christmas movies. And don't forget that ecah and every blog is running a contest, so comment or subscribe to stand a chance to win.

Monday, November 29, 2010

What's on your TBR pile this holiday season?

By now you've hopefully visited all the participating blogs and found out what we're planning to read during the upcoming holidays. Have you shared your holiday reads with us yet?

This coming Wednesday we'll be talking about our favourite Christmas foods, so please visit all the blogs listed in the left sidebar to find ideas for your own Christmas feast.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Prizes Galore

Here are the prizes that these wonderful TWRP authors will be giving away during the Christmas tour:

Amy's first prize is a herbal bath kit to a random commenter. Three runners-up will each get an ebook copy of I Bid One American. Amy will be using a computer spreadsheet randomiser to select the winner. Each additional comment will mean a new entry.

Caroline is offering a generous prize of a $15 gift certificate to The Wild Rose Press.

Lilly will be giving away The Man of Your Dreams - a Celebrating Home candle scent. All you have to do to win is leave a comment telling Lilly about the man of your dreams.

Maya's prize will either be a pair of earrings or a bracelet. Check Maya's blog during the tour for more information. In addition, Maya has offered a critique of a partial (three chapters & synopsis) to an aspiring writer. Just leave a comment on her blog during the tour, let her know you're interested, and you'll be entered into the draw.

Nana is giving away TWRP gift vouchers so you can stock up on all of our books for the holiday season!

PL will be giving away four 4oz bags popcorn from Craklin Popcorn in her hometown of Boise to one lucky winner. You can find out more about this yummy prize here:

Rachel is giving away a pale blue pashmina (bought in Bath, the setting of her novel) as well as a signed paperback copy of The Arrival of Lily Curtis.

Rae is offering two prizes: Christmas tree decorations from the Save the Rainforest website. Check Rae's blog for pictures. In order to enter, contestants will need to leave a comment, follow the blog, or re-tweet Rae's posts during the blog tour. Each re-tweet or follow will be considered another entry

Sally's prize is a choice of a Swarovski crystal necklace and earrings in either red or green - hand-made by Sally herself! In order to win, entrants must follow Sally's blog and leave a comment on any of the posts on the blogs she is guesting on.

Victoria will be giving away a prize linked to her latest release, Angel in my Arms.

Christmas Themes

Wednesday 24th November: What's on your TBR pile for this holiday season?

Wednesday 1st December: Your favourite Christmas recipe / food.

Wednesday 8th December: Your favourite Christmas movie or story.

Wednesday 15th December: Your favourite holiday tradition(s).

Monday, October 25, 2010

Tour Schedule

Amy Corwin will be hosting the following writers on her blog:
  • Wed 24 November - Lilly Gayle
  • Wed 1 December - Sally Clements
  • Wed 8 December - Maya Blake
  • Wed 15 December - Rae Summers
Caroline Clemmons will be hosting the following writers on her blog:
  • Wed 24 November - Amy Corwin
  • Wed 1 December - Lilly Gayle
  • Wed 8 December - Rae Summers
  • Wed 15 December - Victoria Gray
Lilly Gayle will be hosting the following writers on her blog:
  • Wed 24 November - Victoria Gray
  • Wed 1 December - Rachel Brimble
  • Wed 8 December - Nana Malone
  • Wed 15 December - Maya Blake
Maya Blake will be hosting the following writers on her blog:
  • Wed 24 November -Nana Malone
  • Wed 1 December - PL Parker
  • Wed 8 December - Rachel Brimble
  • Wed 15 December - Amy Corwin
Nana Malone will be hosting the following writers on her blog:
  • Wed 24 November - PL Parker
  • Wed 1 December - Rae Summers
  • Wed 8 December - Victoria Gray
  • Wed 15 December - Caroline Clemmons
PL Parker will be hosting the following writers on her blog:
  • Wed 24 November - Rae Summers
  • Wed 1 December - Amy Corwin
  • Wed 8 December - Caroline Clemmons
  • Wed 15 December - Lilly Gayle
Rachel Brimble will be hosting the following writers on her blog:
  • Wed 24 November - Caroline Clemmons
  • Wed 1 December - Nana Malone
  • Wed 8 December - Amy Corwin
  • Wed 15 December - Sally Clements
Rae Summers will be hosting the following writers on her blog:
  • Wed 24 November - Sally Clements
  • Wed 1 December - Victoria Gray
  • Wed 8 December - Lilly Gayle
  • Wed 15 December - Rachel Brimble
Sally Clements will be hosting the following writers on her blog:
  • Wed 24 November - Maya Blake
  • Wed 1 December - Caroline Clemmons
  • Wed 8 December - PL Parker
  • Wed 15 December - Nana Malone
Victoria Gray will be hosting the following writers on her blog:
  • Wed 24 November - Rachel Brimble
  • Wed 1 December - Maya Blake
  • Wed 8 December - Sally Clements
  • Wed 15 December - PL Parker

    Wednesday, October 13, 2010

    Christmas Tour!

    The holiday-themed Christmas Blog Tour will run on the following dates:
    • Wednesday 24 November 2010
    • Wednesday 1 December 2010
    • Wednesday 8 December 2010
    • Wednesday 15 December 2010
    The list of participating authors can be found in the link list to the left. A schedule of who is visiting where and when will be available shortly.